Somalia – ties with its neighbors

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Before we talk about the Somalia relations with its neighbor courtiers we must ask ours about Somalia clan’s relation with themselves. Is it a cat and mouse relation or bad apple? Or the clans are lion’s den. It’s clear evidence that antagonism always begun at home and transform in to neighbors and to the world at large.

Any way Somalia had a culture of aggravate ties, diplomatic row, full quandary and jam-packed problem with its neighbor sates excluding Djibouti.

This neighbor incongruity is not a hip hope prejudice. It’s based on genuine political conflict and conformations on territorial dispute (west of Somalia (Ogden), for Ethiopia, NFD for Kenya and Socotra Island for Yemen).

The Somali patriotic and pan- Somalia seekers had a dream of reunifying Somalis five regions and reclaiming these territories which sometimes turns in to hope while other times into evaporate and cock-and-bull story.

Nevertheless it was a miraculous event when inter governmental authority on development (IGAD) of 28th extraordinary summit occurred and leaders of region met in Mogadishu. It its normal event after the collapse of Somalia government there is a growing diplomacy between Somalia and its neighbor states which was not a preplanned event or choice but its responding circumstance at the moment. It was after decades of severe ties Somalia and its neighbor countries had set up mutual cooperation and a win-win diplomatic relations

Some believe the collapse Somalia system of government in last decades was helped the Somalia society to reexamine themselves and root out all the forms of political idiotic tendencies towards its neighbor states. Their foreign policy became acceptable and befitted by all. Some analyst believes when they became very week they realize the reality of peaceful cooperation rather than confrontation which leads in to misery.

It’s clear instant that Unlike the South African and West Africa regional organizations like ECOWAS and South African development community (SADC) the intergovernmental authority on development (IGAD) is a beleaguered region in the African continent.

There is a dramatic border problem, territorial dispute between its most member states which makes the organization internally fragile, mistrust, suspicious among them, needing external mediation sometimes and military incursion on the option on their tables on other sides.

In that scenario there was a territorial conflict between Addis Ababa and Asmara (in the SALAMBASA area) In this regard the war of Eritrean – Ethiopian war of 1998 was described as poor fighting poorest.

It was inter regional conflict of horn Affric country and drain war. It was caused fatalities, disarticulation and economic interruption. The Asmara of Eritrea had severed diplomatic ties with its neighbor’s countries in everywhere. (Namely Yemen Djibouti Sudan and Ethiopia)

There was also land dispute between Somalia and its largest border sharing of Ethiopia in the Ogden region- similarly Kenya and Uganda have land quarrel in the Lake Victoria.
How over many African political analysts dubbed this region as the symbol of conflict in the African continent. It occur most bloodshed wars in the continent. The split of south Sudan from Sudan can be excellent example of that argument. There are many rebels in the region. These rebels claim as the freedom fighters like lord resistance army (LRA).

The LRA fought for the last century. Most of states are intra country conflict, civil unrest, political upheaval in their country excluding Kenya and Djibouti. In Somalia more than a quarter century of anarchy, social and political cataclysm from political clan to Islamic courts union and international and regional efforts against the Islamism. During the rise of Islamic courts union western countries were interested the issue of Somalia and they formed many informal alliances in the region.

The west declared war against the Islamic courts and they exaggerated the so called war against on terrorist. In the reality Somalia people needs more humanitarian aid and more food distributions and they don’t prefer more drones. In 1991 when the war broke out there wasn’t any Islamism. The fighting was hunger clan against another starvation clan.

There are many questions about western and IGAD countries their policy towards Somalia. Is there a hidden agenda towards this poorest nation (Somalia) or not? Are they helpers of Somalia or hinders? Are they mediating these nomadic clans or meddling their internal affairs? Are they creating piracy in order to plunder the sea resource or are they fighting them? In conclusion of my article both Somalia and its neighbor counties are poorest nations on this sphere.

Their nations are starving. They always depend on the other nations in the west. The only option on their table is to cease and desist all forms of hatred, fighting, mistrust, suspicion among them. Finally it’s vital for Somalia society to take a philosophy of zero problems to all Somalia clans internally and the same to its foreign policy beginning to the neighbor counties and ending to all over the world.

Osman Hasan Salah

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