Somalia 2017: Running in to presidential palace

by hanad | Wednesday, Feb 8, 2017 | 2125 views

Tomorrow will be the Election Day of Somalia new fantasy president. After months of delay,, ambiguity, unconstitutional forum, lacking of election time table which lead the country months of uncertain .

The tomorrow will be a critical day and critical moment. The future of the country will be shape or reshape. The Somalia Member of Parliament will select who will lead the country for the fourth coming years. It will be the contest one in the history of Somalia elections. This president will elect him both of members of parliament and the newly established of upper house (the senate) in the first time of Somalia political history.

Any way it’s clear that Immoral and unskilled campaigners came from the entire corner of the country and in the world. There is also a growing rumor of election influences by regional states, Somalia businessmen, neighbor’s countries and some time the Arab leagues and international community. There is also clear evidence and proof the levels of their evidence.

In 2012 MR Hassan sheikh became the first president to be elected inside of the country. His tenure of four years was surrounded with a mixture of success, failure as well as challenges and opportunities. Regardless of his supporters and opponents his did what his ability was. However in Somalia 2016 was a year of fraud and corruption.

The corruption had reached its climax. If there is an explosion and suicide bomb every minute there is also explosions of corruptions every time and everywhere. The Fraud and falsifying 51 clan delegates was familiar. Unfair unimaginable power abuse also became widespread. Indirect election/selection became indirect corruption. Meanwhile Moral obligation, social responsibility, transparency and even Islamic teaching became forgetful.

It was frightful for some constituencies of the clan regional sates to be a member of parliament requires to have half million of dollars plus immoral campaigners. There are public debates about this grim of the event. Any way Somalia politicians are running in to the presidential palace. Some of them are hopeful while others are hopeless. They use every tactic they could. It’s clear that some Somalia politicians are lame duck and they haven’t any chance to continue.

However most of Somalia inhabitants are not fully aware about state, government and the relationship between rulers and ruled. it’s also Most of the Somalia clan citizens in all corner were skilled in inter and intra warfare between them but ignorant of the arts of establishing a state; they gave their loyalty to small units, the family or clan and this is often involved disloyalty to a large unit; their self reliance rugged individualism could, and frequently did, turn in to anti- system and ant- social behavior.

Mean while the Historical evolution of Somalia had been, and will be, dominated by the fact that its population consist of people different clans and ideologies that have to adopt themselves to the difficult situations created by the contact and clashes of those interest natures.

Furthermore the unresolved relations between Somalia clans and between both and international community made immeasurably more difficult the tasks with which all coming governments to deal.

In the end my synopsis I would to suggest the following advises:
The Somalia Member of Parliament with the senate must to change a notion and culture of motion and money in to the culture of morality and putting first the interest of the nation.

The Somalia Member of Parliament with the senate must to elect a popular and trust person by the public who can able to establish government institution with quality not clan large quantity clan institutions.

The Somalia Member of Parliament must to elect person who has the ability to cement all the Somalia clans, regions, religious groups not a person of fragmentation and dismemberment.

The Somalia Member of Parliament with the senate must be representative for all not loyalty to small units, the family or clan.
The Somalia Member of Parliament must to elect to a person who has the ability to return law and order not a person of addict social media and condemnation every event occur.

Researcher and lecturer of some Mogadishu universities

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