President Farmaajo Chairs Emergency Meeting After The Deadly Restaurant Attack

by A M | Saturday, Jun 17, 2017 | 1129 views

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who also double up as  the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces on Thursday evening chaired an emergency meeting with members of the National Security Commission.

The meeting, attended by the Security Minister Mohamed Abukar Islow and senior security officials discussed the deadly Al-Shabaab attack in the capital on Thursday that targeted a popular restaurant in Hodan district.

Security officials briefed the President about the incident, the response made by the security forces and measures to be taken after the attack.

The closed-door meeting stressed the need to foil Al-Shabaab attacks in the capital, bolster security and intensify the ongoing security operations.

No statement been released after the end of the meeting. The Pizza House Restaurant attack killed at least 30 people mostly civilians including women.

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