“If I tell the truth the people of Puntland don’t pay the authorized taxes,”Gaas said

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Please don’t ask me where I come from in Somalia for example Bosaso, Hargeisa, Kismayo, Mogadishu or Beidhabo in order to know which clan I belong to, because that doesn’t make any sense as long as I am telling the truth.

What matters most, in my point of view, is the truth. My present essay is carrying such a truth which only an open-minded Somali citizen can comprehend. At this moment I am writing the article Abdiwali Gaas’ speech on Friday 14th July 2017 boramanews.com about the importance of taxation and his criticism towards those who have refused to taxes payments still echoes in my mind.

I can’t remake all his speech but I want to quite some parts of his speech which I thought are worth knowing. For example, when he was describing the percentage of his monthly income he used to pay as taxes in when he was in New York America although he did deny the kinds of direct and indirect services he personally used to get in return. He also said “some of the Baasaaso traders pay taxes for Al-Shabaab without question despite the fact that they don’t want to pay to Puntland Administration”.

I really don’t know how much of this speech abides the truth or is trustworthy yet that is how he put. However, he has concluded briefly that there are many new projects on the way which are aimed to improve the infrastructure of the region, education and public heathy so that it is very important that the people of Puntland should pay the taxes. Is it true that the people of Puntland don’t pay the authorized taxes? And if this is true then why ? In order to find answers to these questions we must retrace the history particularly Abdiwali’s presidential campaign.

Abdiwali’s metaphor of the beautiful clean girl  At the time of his campaign to the top office of Puntland, Abdiwali Gaas used a metaphor which later has become famous. He said ”Puntland is a very beautiful clean girl but unfortunately that very beautiful clean girl has only one problem, because she is always married by Alcoholic so that I would advise that girl not to marry Alcoholic again www.youtube.com/ .

It seemed that the beautiful girl has accepted that proposition (Abdiwali’s advice) since he has later married the same beautiful and clean girl. But the important question which one may wonder is that what both the parents (Puntlanders) of the beautiful girl and the beautiful girl herself (Puntland) have gotten in return after their beautiful girl has now been married by a good husband (Abdiwali Gaas) ? Naturally speaking the beautiful girl may have expected beautiful children from the good husband while the parents of the girl may have supposed to have a good and respectful son-in-law. If this has not happened, it is only the people of Puntland who can ask “Why”.


The irrational Comparison between Puntland in Somalia and New York in USA
Before making the irrational comparison between Puntland and New York Abdiwali Gaas should ask why Puntlanders have rejected to pay taxes.

On the other hand, in his speech on Friday 14th July 2017 Abdiwali has explained in detail the deferent kinds of taxations which he used to pay when he was in America and that, I think was nonsense at least to the audiences (puntlanders).

Nonetheless the most important thing, in my point of view, was not to recount the obligations deeply than the rights of the taxpayers. Of course, he has repeatedly mentioned the security and sometimes has also exaggerated it by mentioning the security of outside the borders of Puntland for example the security between Baasaaso and Beidhabo which is not as a matter of fact in his reach.

This however shows the illogicality of both Abdiwali’s speech about taxation. The second error Abdiwali Gaas made was the comparison he made between New York taxpayers and the people of Puntland. Because when one makes such comparison it must be two states whose people have nearly same GNI, Gross National Income.

However, by expanding his metaphorical story Abdiwali Gaas is still now the husband of the beautiful clean gift who have accepted his marriage proposal without condition and I think he has still the chance to be both a good husband and father for the children of the beautiful clean girl (Puntland) and a good and respectful son-in-low to the parents (the people of Puntland) of the beautiful girl.

Cali Amiin

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