President Farmaajo Appoints Committee To Investigate Wednesday’s Deadly Shootout Between Security Forces

by A M | Thursday, Jul 27, 2017 | 1148 views

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has appointed a high-level committee to investigate yesterday’s deadly shootout incident in Mogadishu involving government soldiers.

President Farmaajo announced the committee formation in an emergency meeting he convened for security agencies.

The meeting was attended by security minister, deputy minister of defense, justice minister, finance minister, Police and National Intelligence Agency bosses, deputy military commander and Mogadishu governor.

President Farmaajo assigned Police Commissioner General Abdihakin Dahir Saa’id to lead the investigations into the deadly infighting between the armed forces at a checkpoint near the presidential palace.

After the end of the meeting, General Saa’id accompanied by security minister, NISA boss, security minister and Mogadishu mayor visited the scene. NISA boss Abdullahi Sanbalolshe said that soldiers involved in the shootout were arrested and are presently under interrogation, promising that the investigation results will be immediately implemented. He said the incident won’t affect the Mogadishu stabilization exercise but instead promised to reinforce them saying their operations will be expanded to areas not previously covered.

Mogadishu Mayor Thabit Abdi Mohamed commended the Mogadishu stabilization forces, pledging his administration’s continued support for them. He called on social media users to delete the photos of the dead soldiers being circulated online.Security Minister Mohamed Islow Duale said that the Mogadishu stabilization forces will continue to carry out their work as normal, calling on the public not to be disappointed by yesterday’s incident. He said they are upset of what happened and vowed to bring soldiers before the court.

Similar sentiments were shared by General Saaid who described the shootout unfortunate saying that many people have been arrested for the case and the police were leading the ongoing investigations. The incident has disrupted the security of the city. Security agencies, however, promised that it won’t affect the security operations underway in the city aimed at ensuring security and safety of the public.

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