Farmaajo .vs. natural famine, fear and violence

by hanad | Monday, Sep 4, 2017 | 1920 views

Despite of countless allegations about Somalia and its leaders about corruptions the Somalia society’s life becomes a chain of never- ending miseries and misfortunes. The country had experienced perpetual crash poverty and nicknamed the dwelling place of migrants and wanders. Really there is an utter conflict, confusion, hardships and societal fractures.

Any way Somalia had been tested with hungers, famine and violence plus emerging explosions and old assassinations which strike them for many decades. There are many questions needs to be answered. Is these crisis resulted anger from god? Is continuation of errors, mistakes and misinterpretations of all events behind?

 However the idea of getting a remedy for the famines and fears of Somalia became a spreading phenomenon in every part of the country; hardly a president who came to the power has not touched by its priories.  

The farmajo,s team had popular mottos which is including zero guns and zero corruptions plus strict applying of accountability and transparency. These were the sweetest statements, but translating in to the reality is more complex and complicated one. The president had also controversial campaign promise. The campaign promise confronted the reality underground. Neither the current regimes nor the previous can or could the real thermometer and actual experience. The Somalia’s political temperature always very hot and needs a pragmatic person with magnetism plus the experience of the current country’s scenario and dynamics of Somalia political dilemma.      

I am not staunch support to this regime or opponent but I am saying how I see.  In their six months in power we did not observe any person who disqualified because of bribery. No one found guilty and court sentenced in jail or removed from his position in the government. The Somalia society needs fresh approach of this menace not repeating old mistakes and we eager to ensuring this nation to stand their own feet. Somalia leaders had the culture of gigantic speeches and fewer actions.

Nevertheless in my personal sight there is a fundamental remedy for Somalis’ merciless crisis in their domestic affairs. If the ruling Diaspora team wants to achieve what other failed they have to have a cure for the following issues:

Getting a remedy for the anarchy and upheaval

First of all dealing with the anarchy and upheaval are crucial one.  In this nation of Somalia there are anarchy and insecurity everywhere and anywhere. It was many decades. The Somalis’ quandary staring from rural area which based on livestock and herding camel, cows and goats in the remotest area and countryside were anarchy. Law of the jungle and cattle rustlers are exist and normal. This kind of culture had transferred in to the urban and big cities and sometimes in to the abroad. It has been said that Raids and revenges was an old Somalia culture. This traditional anarchy resulted ragtag clan rebels, religious zealot groups, lack of accepting others, bigotry and dogma fighting another dogma.  In the past there was a junta rule. Their priority rule was at that time imposing intimidating law upon the rest of the population in order to arrest their opponent. The ragtag clan rebels were the only option for fighting these brutal and totalitarian regimes but when the junta collapsed they became the only obstacle for peace and stability of the nation. Demilitarizing and rehabilitating them and removing from streets of Somalia big cities in general and muqdishu the capital city In particular is the greatest challenges facing the Somalia newly elected Diaspora team. Stability and returning rule of law depends on getting a remedy for them.

Troubles of the government branches

All the troubles of the government started from the Somalia constitution. The Somalia’s constitution had a lot of doubts and disputes. It really needs reevaluating, reforming and making it agreeable too. In this regard there always conflict between these three fragile institutions in the government. The idea of constitutionality, unconstitutionality, legality, separation of power and check and balance was unmemorable. In this result there is a quarrel and contradictory press release with in Somalia different officials which effecting the whole of governing system one side and mistrust by the public on the side. All in all In Somalia’s Misuse of authority, Hunger of power and lion sharing mentality are the obstacles of Somalia governing system.

Need for restrict and reliable media law

The anarchy and upheaval extended to the media. The media always affect our public commonly.   Some our beloved media became mafia, disloyalty and dishonest. The project of media is a profitable one because of Somalia folks are an oral societies. In this issue there is a flood of media preaching and propagating contradictory and controversial agendas. In the past Somalia there was one radio and one TV controlled by the Somalia military junta. The Somalia media is important to differentiate the freedom of speech and misrepresenting, misinterpretation and misuse of the power. The Media is working in the way they desire not in the interest of the public or in the reality. There are more than thirty radios and TVs. Many of them are the devil is in the detail. The Somalia community needs effective, restrict and reliable media law which will curb them.

Respecting human dignity (give every person his due by Plato)

Volition of human rights started from the junta rule and extended to the world lords. There is lack of respecting human dignity, value and rights. Because of the long instability and civil unrest the the worthy of a society and the value of Somalia person had been reached now days its lowest level.  Still there is volition of human rights, crimes and crime against humanity.  In our beloved Islamic ideology preaching us and telling repeatedly the dignity of the children of Adam. It’s also universal human rights in the contemporary time. According to {the jean bodin defined state as government of many families each and every family be governed and ordered by the state as the whole will be peacefully governed.  

Clan Regional states

The one crucial is the Clan Regional states. It had been established regional clan states after years of conformations. Somalia land (north of Somalia) had declared independent clan regional state.    It was the beginning of fragmentation and pure secessionist tendency.  The Somalia land fought for independent unilaterally but they met zero tolerance by the international community in one side and rest of Somalia clans (4.5) by the side. It followed punt land. This regions claiming as the autonomous region unilaterally by words but their actions are no pain no gain and secessionist mentality. It followed four clan regional states. These are GAL MUDUG JUBALAND, HIRSHABLLE and KOONFUR GALBEED) these regions are so fragile and their establishment had been resulted by disputes and disagreements. These regions had been surrounded by the menaces of political instability. In this scenario uniting all these regional clan based sates is the responsibility of these Diaspora and overseas individuals.

Finally making Somalia society and its governing system working again, ensuring Somalia as nation entity  rather than as the clan, cementing its community after years of dismemberment and  decades of damages  and intra- inter clan and sub clan fighting plus avoiding international interference of everywhere with necessary of  diplomatic patient  will take a nearly one decade and half.



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