Somalia ties with Arab emirates

A nearly three decades Somalia had an anarchy and ghastly picture. This scenario had resulted meddling Somalia’s internal affairs, piracy, illegal fishing, illegally dumped in Somali waters, deforestation and illegal exporting and importing of everything.  

Howe ever Somalia had a full membership of many international organizations like UN, AU, Arab league, OIC and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). Although Somalia hasn’t any diplomatic leverage which is the tool of realistic mentality of the global today, Most of these organizational member states are respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia regardless of Somalia’s dystopia scenario; while a narrow other states within these organizations are constantly meddling Somalia internal affairs. Conversely there is no doubt that Somalia’s peaceful future depends to a great degree on a positive regional environment, with IGAD and ARAB league at its core.  Any away the Arab emirates did not respect the UN charter and the charter of Arab league the article of (article ARTICLE VIII)

Furthermore the Arab and Muslims world today have many crises and numerous diverse blocks of alliances. These blocks are competing and complaining each other. The first bloc led by the turkey, Tunisia, Malaysia and plus Muslim brotherhood. This block is Islamic moderate countries; democratic and free election and fair are their symbol. The second block is SHIA block led by the Iranian, Syria, and many rebel groups in Lebanon and Yemen. This block is ant- Israel and ant- America block.

The third bloc led by Egypt, emirates and Saudi. This block is anti – Iranian and anti-Qatar block. It has been accused this block as the home of totalitarian regimes, and producers of Islamic fundamentalist and literalist in the Muslim world by one side and the globe on other side.  The current regime of Somalia must fully aware of these competing blocks and it’s also important to deal with in a pragmatic way, commonality of interest and neural and impartial status to these complaining blocks of Muslim world.

However After nearly a three decades of secessionist tendency , Somalia land and DP World a company of Arab emirates had declared a controversial agreement of investing Port of BERBERA  which puts Somalia ties with Arab emirates in diplomatic hazardous. The DP World’s unilateral agreement with Somalia land without consent with federal government in muqdishu will increase and encourage the disintegration of Somalia, fragmentation and drives Somalia in to banana and balkanization of this wartone nomadic nation.

The Somalia federal government is shoddily trying to halt any attempt that drive Somalia land for independence. The federal Somalia government and many pan- Somalia and patriotic people believe the independence of Somalia land is backing many counties and UAE are one of these meddling of Somalia internal affairs. It caused public irritation and anger in Somalia.   

In this scenario the Somalia’s federal government did not impose any retaliatory measures against emirates for their provocative and illegal action of investing Port of BERBERA. The emirates and their DP World were looking for their benefit but the current regime was at the end of his tether. Any way there was ample evidence that Somalia current regime has failed to defend many cycles of meddling Somalia internal affairs by many hostile countries.

For me it’s not right for peace seekers, Somalia politicians and educated people of Somalia to turn a deaf ear to the will of this slice of the north of Somalia. Its necessary respect every idea and sundry before criticizing their separatist mentality. It’s also indispensable for the current regime to invent a remedy for their cause.

However The stoppage of many national reconciliation conferences between Somalia and Somalia land have resulted confusion, mistrust which led the regional war between self- declared Somalia and self- autonomous of punt land regions.  The border dispute between two regions has been unresolved many years. The TUKARAQ WAR has been leveled as unstoppable war. Many analysts believe the defeat one of them in the TUKARAQ WAR is remedy of their quarrel. In personal view the rational solution is avoiding any escalation of war and opening all the window of negations and reconciliations.

. The Somalia federal government and United Arab Emirates had diplomatic raw since DP World’s unilateral agreement with Somalia land. The emirates are seeking their own interest but their interest meant endless of standoff and bad blood relations of the two Arab league’s countries. It has been said their relations to be the lowest level for ever. The investment in the Port of BERBERA of Somalia land with the nearly $442 million without federal government is illegal and it’s against the basic principle of diplomacy. It will put emirates as the rogue state. In the rational thinking the emirates is better to seek a mutual cooperation, compromise deal and win: win solution rather unilateral deal.   

The DP World’s actions have been considered many Somalia political analysts as part of emirates foreign policy idiocy and the emirates must to differentiate the humanitarian aid to Somalia and humiliating Somalia sovereignty. Helping the poor and needy people doesn’t mean breaking the normal standards of acceptable behavior among states.

Although there is dramatic changes in the status of Somalia governing system and the current Somalia government are active in many international arena there will be no doubt provoking reaction from illegal fishing countries, companies,   Somalia toxic waste dumping, counties and many illegal business dealers. The current regimes must to realize these challenges. The challenges are everywhere anywhere.

If the Somalia is a home of piracy, extremist, meaningless and constant clan fighting Most of Arab are not good Counties. The Arabs have sectarian based violence which including Shia and Sunni disagreement. Many of them are autocracy regimes while six of them are civil wars. The Arab countries are also the home of totalitarian regimes and government by the decree.  Free and fair election is wonderful word for many Arab nations excluding Tunisia which had unbreakable democracy. These totalitarian regimes produced a fundamentalist, envy literalist and group of accusing other Muslims as infidels.

How over most of horn Affric regions have inter and intra- dispute although now days  there is a rare window of opportunity after Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict has been resolved. Their conflict was a major ground behind for instability in the Horn of Africa.  The Ethiopia-Eritrea’s normalization ties are unprecedented opportunity for the IGAD member state regions excluding Djibouti. The Djibouti has some doubt when Ethiopia and Eritrea have decided to bury the hatchet. The Djibouti has to ride it out until their ties with Eritrea are improved again.

In the end my synopsis I would like to point out that any diplomatic relation with the outside world today must necessary start from the following premises:

  1. Somalia must to put their mind that the world is going towards realistic mentality and Somalia hasn’t any diplomatic leverage so that it’s important to know the position of Somalia in the hierarchal states of the world which means Somalia is not top dog.  
  2. Neutrality, impartiality of every conflict in the region and zero problems of all neighbors is the only alternative that Somalia can ease off all the tensions regionally and globally.
  3. The current regional dynamics and the change of Ethiopian regime with rise of reformist movement are making the foreign policy of the IGAD regional states upside down policy.   

Researcher, human rights analyst and lecturer of some  universities in Somalia