What is going on Jigjiga?

A new era was born not only in Ethiopia but also for the people of Jigjiga. This new era with its irresistible hurricane bears a positive massage to some people in the region and a dreadful one to another.

However, neither of these groups seems to be safe for its backlash. What we did see about three weeks ago was that the Ahmed Madoobe of Jubaland flying to Addis Abba in order to discuss the fate of Abdi Mahamud Omar (the former president) with the new administration led by Abiy Ahmed.

Unfortunately, it was said that Mr Madoobe came home with empty hands. I think, in this event there is a valuable lesson for the so-called leaders of Somaliland, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabele and South West. As a matter of fact, it seems that this new era conveys Ahmed Madoobe and many of his kind a miserable massage, but optimistic massage to Farmaajo and his team.

The new boy of Jigjiga

What is going on now in Jigjiga is predictable than it was a month ago. On an individual level, I really have no idea who the new president of Jigjiga is, but what I am aware of is that his nomination marks something we can describe as a beginning of a new administration, an administration which may be expected to map a new direction that Jigjiga would eventually take.

As a columnist, I then turn my though to not the new direction, but architectures whose task will actually be designing the way to the new direction and lay foundations of the whole project. Although, I have already showed my poor knowledge about the personality of the new president yet that does not serve as a hinder. For now his personality does not play an important role regarding his present position.

In other words, his leadership qualities are more crucial at this present-time especially for the weary people of Jigjiga. The inhabitants there are now facing an uncertain future after many years of tyranny from their boy, Abdi Maxamud Omar. But, the question is how an outsider whose experience of Jigjiga, that is to say, is very limited may dare to make an analytic observation on the leadership qualities that the new president should have?

When we look to the history the leadership qualities that any president should present are determined by the way he/she came to a top office. There is no solitary means to atop. One can reach there through the help of the people; his/her own army or fortune. Accordingly, the qualities the new boy of Jigjiga should have or develop depend on his means to the office. Nevertheless, Now, Mustafa Cagjar is the legitimate president of Jigjiga.

Mustafa’s background, we can say, is a private citizen (although he was said that he was a member of the local administration before Abdi Muxumed Omar came to office).

Nonetheless, the fact is that neither people nor his own army has contributed to his present position. Fortune is what we can ascribe for his presidency. Consequently, he should develop the leadership qualities that anyone who becomes president through fortune should always have.

What are those qualities and how can he acquire them?

Whenever I endeavor to discuss these important questions, I ask the experts of the field at hand for an assistant. Therefore, avoiding making an unnecessary fault I have one helpful archive- among my possessions -which I always rely on.

The material in this archive includes one of the most influential political books ever written. This is the prince, the masterpiece of Niccole Machiavelli written 1513. Before, I go into details what Machiavelli wrote about the qualities of leaders who were private citizens before they became presidents, one existential question must be examined: Can one have an effect on the course of his/her life history? What I really mean “life history” specifically in this context is the product of one’s everyday deeds.

Having used broader context to the same question Simone De Beauvoir, one of the founders of this field of knowledge, posted the question; “is one born a woman or rather becomes”?  However, our intention is not to engage these existential questions deeply but only to draw some examples that may have connection with our theme. If your everyday actions could make your life history, it fallows that you can sometimes not all but, I think, partially exert influence over the course.

Now we can go back to our mean character Niccole Machiavelli and ask for a professional advice which may be useful to the new boy. We must let our expert talk:   “Those who solely by good fortune become princes from being private citizens have little trouble in rising, but much in keeping atop; they have not any difficulties on the way up, because they fly, but they have many when they reach the summit. Such are those to whom some state is given either for money (like Farmaajo) or by the favour of him who bestows it (exactly as Abiy Ahmed did for Mustafe); the-prince.

Niccole Machiavelli has not stopped there, he has added to describe why so many difficulties come after: States that rise unexpectedly, then, like all other things in nature which are born and grow rapidly, cannot leave their foundations and correspondences fixed in such a way that the first storm will not overthrow them; unless, as is said, those who unexpectedly become princes are men of so much ability that they know they have to be prepared at once to hold that which fortune has thrown into their laps, and that those foundations, which others have laid BEFORE they became princes, they must lay AFTERWARDS  the-prince.

The Source of difficulties  

We are at a point that we can ultimately predict the potential sources of difficulties. Among the people that Mustafa will rule, there may be some people who, due to a number of reasons, still have sympathy for the old regime. At first, they don’t show themselves because they wait some strategic error to be made by the new regime. The second source of difficulties is the old statesmen like Farah Macalin youtube.  They are gentlemen who are rather than they do.

These groups always call themselves the only permanent intellectuals of all the time, they work without mandate. They believe that Mustafa is a junior in the field so that they must be part of the whole processes and that, I can personally say, is impossible just when we consider how Mustafa came to office.

The problem is that they sometimes demand more than that Abiy Ahmed would require and that is impossible. The third source of difficulties is the emotional majority including the diaspora who may already have translated Mustafa’s first emotional speech as they wish www.youtube.com. Because, their expectations are high and there is no waiting time in their dictionary. What they only want is to see speedy positive changes on every aspect of their lives.

The Qualities Mustafa should develop

If we have identified the nature of the difficulties and why they eventually emerge, we can exactly determine the leadership qualities Mustafa should arm himself in order to deal with these challenges. On the other hand, there is one important factor we should also examine before we name these different qualities.

We must learn if Mustafa had the mechanism to develop these qualities. Because, there is a great wisdom which says; night is darkness, moon shine is lite better, daylight is the best but to “a blind man” it makes no different at all. We can really make a list of many wonderful qualities that would be useful for him. But,

if he had no the potential, to him it would make no different at all. We should wait until he chooses the architectures (the cabinet), because it will give us an insightful on his capacity to rule a city whose previous leaders have ended up in jail.  

Cali Amiin
E-post: ali_amiin@hotmail.com