Security Officers Arrested In Connection With Mogadishu’s Twin Blast

Reports indicate that officers from police and National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA)  have been arrested in connection with the Saturday’s heinous attack, which targeted Interior and Security ministries’ building.

The 14 arrested officers, who were manning security checkpoints leading to the buildings, also include district security commanders. Minister of Security Mohamed Abukar Islow ordered the arrest of the officers and has launched an investigation on the matter.

Reports indicate that some officers were suspended from work for allegedly facilitating the attack, while others have been accused of neglecting the security checkpoints. The arrests come following a security meeting between the Minister and commanders of the security forces and the Banadir regional administration.

Often, when an incident occurs, only security officers face arrest for allegedly helping or neglecting the security. Many questions have emerged over the attack at the headquarters of Interior and Security ministries, considering that the area is highly secured with a heavy security presence. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, which claimed more than 10 lives and  injured dozens