The SUN movement gathers business community in a bid to scale up nutrition in a country rising from the ashes

Somalia has suffered conflict, political instability, natural and economic shocks that have resulted in acute hunger and malnutrition. The country experienced cyclical droughts, which led to a famine that resulted in severe levels of malnutrition.

Both economic hardships and lack of knowledge about types of food that contain vitamins are likely contributing to malnutrition problems, which adversely affect women and children.
Also continued displacement, poor quality of health services and lack of awareness is part of pervasive malnutrition in the country.
With the staggering number of malnourished people in the country due to the above-mentioned problems, health nutritionists are trying hard to reduce the suffering.

Among the organizations fighting to end the suffering of the malnutrition in the world includes scaling up Nutrition known as the SUN, Sun is a global movement united with sixty countries of the worldwide in order to end malnutrition in all its forms.

Somalia officially joined the SUN movement in 2014, since then Somalia branch of SUN led by the focal point who is also the advisor of prime minister’s office of health and nutrition have begun engaging with government ministries both regional and federal level and as well as stakeholders including academia and the business community.

The government of his Excellency Hassan Ali Kheyre has expressed a gesture of goodwill for the SUN movement vowing for his full commitment and cooperation which will, in turn, pave the way for a new era of sustainable nutrition in the country, unlike his predecessors.

The aim of the workshop was to interact with multi-stakeholders, share progress and learn from each other and be inspired to achieve even more.

As part of their mission to inform and raise awareness about malnutrition and to discuss the best way to improve the quality of the food we use, the SUN held a one-day workshop for Somalia chamber of commerce, an umbrella that unites Somalia business sector.

The workshop brought together a cross-section of key businessmen to discuss nutrition strategy and to identify challenges, knowledge gaps and priorities for implementation and scale-up.
As many as 40 people from business sectors, nutritionists and researchers attended the workshop to improve their job performance, gain insight into specialized areas of food and nutrition and network with colleagues.

Somali Chamber of Commerce Deputy Chairman Abdirashid Aynanshe who opened the event cited that such gathering is very crucial because nutritious foods are an equally important and effective way to improve the health of mothers and children in a country that is plagued by violence and hunger.

“ This gathering provides an opportunity for us to learn the kind of nutritious food to use,” Aynanshe said during the gathering.

The workshop was coordinated by SUN movement with presentations from the advisor of prime minister’s office of health and nutrition Dr. Mohamed Abdi who said that the aim of this workshop was to increase the knowledge and skill base of the business community who import and export foodstuffs consumed in the country.

Mr. Abdi told participants about the SUN movement, which took an enormous effort to end malnutrition, and while striving to scale up nutrition activities.

He said that the reason why they convened this meeting was to discuss and learn from each other and then later apply knowledge gained from meeting for the benefit of the community to keep them linked with the most recent approach in nutrition.

Participants have also raised concern about processed junk food and urged the public to eat real food instead to increase the size of the nutrition.

This workshop is part of a larger effort underway for the SUN Movement to end the suffering of malnutrition while at the same time discussing progress and challenges against the various progress markers within the framework.