Prime Minister Intensifies Meetings With Galmudug Stakeholders

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has intensified holding meetings with clan elders,federal MPs and politicians from Galmudug to finalise the formation of the new Galmudug regional assembly before his anticipated return to Mogadishu.

On Monday, he held talks with clan elders from El Dher and listened to their grievances. He also met with the top clan leader of the Ayr sub-clan of Habargidir, who predominantly inhabit the Galmudug regional capital of Dhusamareb, and requested them to intensify their role in finalising the Galmudug State formation process.

Meanwhile, he met with federal MPs from Galmudug, and thanked them for their efforts and sacrifices in ensuring the establishment of a unified Galmudug.

The prime minister is set to return to Mogadishu in the coming 48 hours following his one-week stay in Dhusamareb, which saw a breakthrough in some of the contentious issues between the government and Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jama’a (ASWJ).