Somalia wants to bring home Swedish-Somali from Syria

Somalia’s president has approved a plan to try to bring back home Swedish-Somali women and children who are trapped in the IS camp al-Hawl in Syria, reports Sweden’s Radio Ekot who spoke with Somalia’s EU ambassador Ali Said Faqi.

“If no one wants them and the Europeans do not accept to take them back, then Somalia’s president has decided that women and children who want to be taken to Somalia, to bring back home” Ali Said Faqi told Ekot in Sweden’s Radio.

But whether the evacuation will be possible is far from certain and the process is complicated.

According to Kurdish authorities, about half of the Swedish women in the camp have Somali background, which is between 30 and 40 people.

The Foreign Ministry does not want to comment , The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want to comment on the details of Somalia’s plans.

– We know the information, but nothing we comment on, says Julia Eriksson Pogorzelska, press communicator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to TT.

Swedish-Somali who have children and grandchildren in the camp have gone to Mogadishu to try to influence the government.

– They listen to us, we get the opportunity to listen to us. But we do not get that from the Swedish authorities, says a father who is trying to get his daughter home, told Ekot.

Soo turjume Ali Musa
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