Galmudug Presidential Candidates Set Conditions To Partake In Elections

Four candidates of Galmudug regional state’s presidential election, who boycotted the process a few days ago citing interference by the federal government, have set several conditions to participate in the polls. The candidates Abdirahman Odowaa, Abdullahi Weheliye, Kamal Gutaale and Abdi Dheere Siad they would only partake in the state presidential elections if the following conditions are met:

1) That there should be a joint work to ensure that one election is held in Galmudug and in order that to happen, all disputes among the various stakeholders should be resolved.

2) That Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah should be part and parcel of all the remaining process of the elections.

3) That a new election committee be formed that brings together all the stakeholders, which will agree on a timetable for the presidential election.

4) That the state parliament leadership allows the members of parliament to be able to freely meet and interact with all the presidential candidates without any pressure or threats.

5) That a fair, transparent and free electoral process where all the candidates can campaign freely without the presence of any bodies or members biased towards one of the state presidential candidates. 6) That a third party should supervise the election to avoid any rigging, bribery or misuse of power to influence the election or the voters.

The development comes amid a deepening political crisis in Galmudug after four of the five state presidential candidates and influential moderate Islamist group Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah boycotted the federal government-led electoral process in Dusamareb. Galmudug state president Ahmed Duale Haaf has also rejected the process and launched his own electoral process in the central city of Galkayo.