Lesson learned from 8th February election in Somalia.

On 8th February, 2017 marked historic day and many Somalis cheered and celebrated the victory of president Hon.Farmaajo, as result of general feeling of patriotism across the country, particularly south and central regions, they came together on the streets to express their feelings of happiness and joy.

During his campaign, he promised that he will lead to a great change, promoting security, stabilization of politics, boosting economic growth, fighting corruption, and formulating strong foreign policy to strengthen regional and international integration.

The most immediate effect of Hon.Farmaajo victory is the strong support given by the political parties and political leaders to continue to push through political change and to remove power of the current government led by Hon.Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.
As well as regional autonomous leaders were interested in political change taking place in the country to negotiate and influence for the choice of the next president.

Despite, neighboring countries were also playing an active role in Somali politics for the past two decades since the collapse of late Mohamed Siad Barre’s regime in 1991.

Days before the election no one believed this change would happen, after Hon.Hassan Sheikh’s government held a political rally attended by around 180 MPs to show the political power of the government.

However, this created a strong political challenge and allies between the government and the candidates to think about how to reduce influence of the government for holding the election.

Moreover, the effort of election committee which was controlling the election process to reach free and fair election in Somalia, to find solution political turmoil between the government and political candidates.

To secure and oversee the election, the committee agreed to hold the election at a Somali Air Force hangar at Mogadishu’s international airport in Mogadishu.

This was eventually resulted to elected president Hon.Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo who was the only candidate that emerged and has a great popularity voter, which led him to gain parliamentary support and unpredictable wins through vote of no confidence.

Furthermore, when it was the third round Hon.Hassan Sheikh decided to remain behind and give way to the other presidential candidates as Hon.Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo was leading and leaving the race and congratulate the new president and wish him well.

In nutshell, in his speech the president Hon.Farmaajo pledged that he will hold nationwide one-person-one-vote polls in 2020 election despite the government still insist its possibility.
Now , One word is enough to the wise man , Somali is fed up with unpredictable situation and foreign alteration , dependence , support ,it needs an eloquent , professional, intelligent , responsible , God fearing , blessed , fair , just and competent president who can benefit the country , people and religion.

May Allah give Somalia a president that can quench the thirst of the country?
Now it is possible, like the election of 2007, can we get the votes of one man one vote like the previous election without any chaos and violence?

Abdinasir Hassan Nor
Political researcher
Email. salsabiil2020@gmail.com