Iraq confronts coronavirus amid infrastructure concerns

While Iran has proven to be a hot spot for coronavirus infections with 388 reported cases and 34 deaths, the six confirmed cases in neighboring Iraq have prompted authorities to close schools and universities in that country due concerns that its healthcare infrastructure is ill-prepared to deal with a large-scale outbreak.

The streets of Baghdad, the second most populous city in the Arab world, are deserted amid fears over the new coronavirus. Iraq has closed its border with Iran, banned travel to and from other most affected countries, and closed schools, universities, cinemas and cafes until at least March 7 to contain its spread in a context of global concern. pandemic. A country that, after decades of war and sanctions, has less than 10 doctors per 10,000 population according to the World Health Organization, Iraq is not inclined to take risks with this coronavirus.

This report comes from Ibrahim Saleh, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Iraq, with Emerald Maxwell. To watch, click on the video player above.