Jailed over unpaid debts in Egypt

Today, one in three Egyptians lives just above the poverty line. As a result, the microcredit rate has increased, with women being the main beneficiaries. In Egypt, some 70% of loans are now granted to women, but thousands of them are victims of shark loans and may even end up in prison. FRANCE 24 report on Ruth Michaelson.

But first, let us know about the ongoing conflict in the region between the forces of the Syrian regime and the Turkish-backed rebels in Idlib. Fighting in the northwestern province of Syria has intensified in recent days as Ankara steps up military operations to counter the advances in Damascus. Meanwhile, a serious humanitarian crisis is unfolding.

And uncertainty looms as the Iraqi Prime Minister-designate withdraws his candidacy. We are examining the Jewish community of the country in exile and their hopes for the protest movement.