Life and death decisions under siege: Syrian doctor on ninth anniversary of war

It has now been nine years since the war in Syria began – and Syrian civilians are still dying and seeking security as refugees. Our guest is a doctor who has spent five years treating patients under the missiles and bombs of the Syrian regime and its Russian supporters in eastern Ghouta. Dr. Amani Ballour was only 25 years old and had just left medical school when the siege started. His experiences and possible evacuation were the subject of a documentary, “The Cave”, which was nominated for this year’s Oscars.

She tells Catherine Nicholson of FRANCE 24 that she fears for the children of Syria in the midst of a new military offensive in the province of Idlib: “Children displaced in Idlib are again bombed […] freezing to death. It is a shame for the international community, for everyone who watches them die. They just want to feel safe. “