Mexican women stage nationwide ‘Day Without Us’ strike

Shoe stores, perfumers and even departmental reception desks were strangely empty in Mexico on Monday as the country’s female population organized a “Without us” national strike to protest gender-based violence. Report by Laurence Cuvillier from FRANCE 24, report by Matthieu Cominand Alison Sargent.

On average, 10 women were killed in Mexico every day in 2019. It’s a record that millions of mothers, daughters and sisters promised to quit their jobs on Monday to highlight what a society would look like without them. The nationwide wildcat strike, which is expected to cost the Mexican economy $ 1 billion, follows a series of protests on International Women’s Day to protest violence against women.

At the country’s Ministry of Labor, where 62% of the workforce is made up of women, men have been temporarily deployed to work at the counters.

“Today, I had to replace one of my colleagues. I used to do this job, but I am no longer trained because usually there are mostly women seated in these seats, “explained a male employee to FRANCE 24.

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