All over so soon? Biden pulls away from Sanders in Democratic primaries

Is it over so early? All these months of speculation, this overcrowded field of candidates, the speech of an open convention, then, just ten days after Joe Biden won his first primary in three innings for the American president, the former vice president of 77 years can boast of what is undoubtedly looks like an insurmountable track, drawing in many polls who generally do not vote and with almost all other rivals lined up behind the alleged Democratic candidate.

All but one. Ask why Bernie Sanders and his promise of far-reaching change failed to convince voters that he would be the best candidate to face Donald Trump in the fall. The Vermont left senator remains in the race despite his failure to win Michigan’s key swing state. What should he do? And his loyal supporters? If he chooses to leverage his support, a signature problem would surely be health care.

The current coronavirus epidemic reveals how underfunded public services are in the United States and the potential prospect of downturns and deadlocks – like the one ordered in the New York suburbs of New Rochelle. Could the United States fall into recession? In this regard, what will the Coronavirus campaign look like?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Marion Lefevre.