Humanitarian crisis worsens in Syria’s Idlib amid mass exodus

We are examining the rapidly emerging humanitarian crisis in Idlib province in northwestern Syria. According to the United Nations, in the past three months, nearly a million people have been displaced by a Russian-backed regime offensive. NGOs say the camps are overcrowded, while water and sanitation facilities are inadequate. We talk to Gwen Young, Executive Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition, about the situation on the ground, including the challenges facing medical workers.

In other news, Mondaysaw has experienced the biggest drop in oil prices since the 1991 Gulf War, causing tremors across battered world stock markets. The trigger for much of the market panic was an OPEC meeting that ended without an agreement and prompted Saudi Arabia to cut prices to punish Russia for abandoning its alliance with OPEC.

Meanwhile, Lebanon approves a package of stalled reforms after defaulting on its sovereign debt for the first time in its history.

And Dubai has its version of Comic Con, with pop culture fans defying the threat of coronaviruses.