CS Mohamed: FKF needs to find their own solution for Amrouche fine

The federation had sought help from the government to pay the tactician money amounting to millions following a wrongful dismissal in 2014

Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has responded to Football Kenya Federation (FKF) over the payment of the ShSh109, 919, 863 fine imposed by Fifa following the wrongful dismissal of Adel Amrouche.

FKF had been ordered by Fifa to settle the fine or risk being thrown out of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and the local federation had reached out for government help, a prayer which has been declined.

Mohamed has said the government cannot help FKF pay the Belgian coach even as a ban by the world football governing body looms large.

“No government in its right senses would fork out Sh109million to pay an individual for the mistakes of an irresponsible federation,” Mohamed said as was quoted by The Standard .

“I don’t understand it. It is baffling to expect the government to pay for the irresponsible behaviour of a federation seeking to abdicate its role.

“This has nothing to do with government. Why is FKF not negotiating with Fifa or the coach [Adel Amrouche] on a payment plan?”

The Minister further said FKF can use their own resources to settle the case as the government is not in a position to help them in the protracted battle with the former Harambee Stars coach who was sacked in 2014.

“They can pay it using their resources, such as from their sponsors or gate collections. It is unfair to expect the government to use tax-payers’ money for something FKF brought upon itself,” added Mohamed.

“Why for instance did they let go of the coach without consulting the government. And if after losing the case, why did they not appeal knowing the consequences of such action given the gravity of the case?”

Meanwhile, former FFK president Sam Nyamweya has weighed in on the matter saying the regime of Mwendwa errored when he asked them to reinstate Amrouche when they took over the office but instead, refused.

“I openly asked Mwendwa and his team to reinstate Amrouche as the coach for the national team but instead, they opted to go for Stanley Okumbi,” Nyamweya told Goal .

“Now you can see what the whole issue has come to be. It is a tough situation for Kenyan football as Fifa will now be forced to act.”

Fifa had extended the period until March 11 to give FKF enough room to show proof they had paid Amrouche or risk being put under disciplinary investigation.