Coronavirus: Sao Tome and Principe stranded in Yaounde after Cameroon clash

Aureliano Semedo’s side is held up in the capital of the Central African nation following a lockdown due to the pandemic

Player and officials of Sao Tome and Principe have been left stranded in Yaounde since last Saturday following a strict national lockdown in Cameroon due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After an initial 4-0 loss in Sao Tome, Aureliano Semedo’s side was again at the receiving end as they suffered a 6-0 second-leg defeat at Ngoa-Ekelle Stadium, bowing out 10-0 on aggregate.

Many attempts made by Sao Tome and Principe’s delegation to leave Cameroon have ended in futility since their U17 Women’s World Cup qualifier last Saturday in Cameroon’s economic capital.

A source in Yaounde confirmed the Sao Tomean’s efforts to return to their domain failed to materialise due to varying challenges, including issues of border closure and cancelled flights.

“It’s a horrible travelling experience for the team as a result of the coronavirus,” the source told Goal on condition of anonymity.

“From their earlier arrangements, they were scheduled to leave Yaounde on Sunday but their flight was cancelled clearly because of the concern over the spread of the virus.

“They ought to travel via Malabo but the closure on the border in Equatorial Guinea due to the pandemic forced the cancellation of the team’s flight arrangement. 

“The situation has become worse for the team because Cameroon has closed all borders against foreigners leaving or entering the country to avoid the spread of the disease on Tuesday.”

As it stands, Sao Tome and Principe are still stuck in Yaounde.