Remain vigilant to keep Uganda coronavirus-free – McKinstry

The coach has reached out to the people urging them to play their part and observe healthy tips to help the East African country

Ugandans must be vigilant to keep free from the coronavirus, national men’s football team head coach Johnathan McKinstry has said.

Uganda is the only East African nation yet to report any case of the viral disease but the government, as well as the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa), took serious measures including the banning of sporting activities as a precautionary move.

“I am coming to you today to talk about unfortunately the worrying pandemic of Covid-19; the Coronavirus. Obviously, everyone is aware of the struggles that are happening all around the world,” McKinstry said in a statement on Fufa’s official website.

“Here in Uganda, we have been very fortunate to date that we don’t have any record cases of coronavirus. However, it requires everyone to be vigilant in order to maintain that status.”

“So, I am encouraging all the players, the officials and the supporters across Uganda to follow closely the Ministry of Health advises, the advice of the World Health Organisation, Fifa and Fufa because things like regular hand washing, keeping social distance, not gathering in large crowds.”

The Irish coach has urged everyone in the country to play their part for the good of the country and its people.

“These simple forms can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus and together, if we all do our small part, we can help to keep Uganda safe both for us as individuals and for the whole country,” said the coach.

The postponement of African Nations Championship (Chan) by Caf meant Uganda had to break their residential camp and McKinstry, who had spent 17 days training his players, stated he is keeping a close watch on the stars.

“I will stay here and continue to monitor the situation. Whereas there is a halt in our activities but the supervision of players and doing other work is going on. So, for now, I will keep here,” he concluded.

In an earlier interview, McKinstry revealed they had rolled out programmes to keep the players fit awaiting new communication regarding the Chan competition.

“We have distributed to players personal training programmes after assessing on an individual basis what they need and where the improvements can be made. The training programmes are to be done at home so that they remain in good condition,” McKinstry told Fufa TV.

Football activities in Uganda were suspended for 32 days.