Ronaldo’s mother released from hospital after stroke & welcomes chance to celebrate ‘victory’ with Juventus star

The Bianconeri icon has been back in Madeira during an enforced break in competitive football, with Maria Dolores now back on her feet

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, has posted an emotional message on social media thanking those who have offered support during her recent health scare.

The 65-year-old was rushed to hospital in early March after suffering a stroke.

Juventus superstar Ronaldo was quick to head home and be by her side in his native Madeira, with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner saying at the time: “Thank you for all your messages of support for my mum.

“She is currently stable and recovering in hospital.

“Me and my family would like to thank the medical team looking after her, and kindly ask that we are all given some privacy at this time.”

Dolores has now been released from Madeira’s Nelio Mendonca Hospital, much to the relief of her son who remains in his homeland during a coronavirus-enforced break from competitive action.

A matriarchal figure in the Ronaldo family is now relaxing in a private medical facility.

She is pleased to be back on her feet and has taken the opportunity to reflect on her “victory” during what has been a difficult time.



Vocês pensavam que eu não voltava 😂, Voltei devagar ,suavemente ,na calma e com paz no coração , e com um pensamento em tom de recado , para quê julgar a cor da pele a roupa que se veste o sapato ou o aspecto de cada um, somos nada diante da vida somos Simples pedestres neste mundo , a vida é uma lição e só precisamos dar o valor e ser gratos por tudo !!!e ter fé em Deus que tudo vai dar certo !!! E eu sou uma abençoada por ter oportunidade de viver de amar a minha família e tê-los perto de mim … Obrigada a todos desse lado pelo apoio e pelo carinho , foram dias duros mas de lutas e vitórias ,já estou na minha casinha rodeada de amor da minha família que é a minha fortaleza e energias boas ,estarei por aqui como gosto mas sempre a cuidar de mim em primeiro lugar …e tenham fé , tudo vai dar certo !!Fiquem em casa !! Bjnhos a todos❤️

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Dolores posted on Instagram: “I am lucky to have the opportunity to live, to love my family and have them close to me.

“Thank you to everyone for their support and affection. These have been difficult days, but ones of struggle and victory. Now I’m at home surrounded by the love of my family, my good energy.

“I will stay here as I like to but always looking after myself first. Everything will be fine.

“You thought I wouldn’t come back but I returned slowly, softly, calmly and with peace in my heart.”

She added: “I also returned with a thought in the form of a message – why judge the colour of one’s skin, the clothes or shoes people use or the way they look.

“We are nothing when it comes to life, we are simple, pedestrians in this world.

“Life is a lesson and we just have to value it and be thankful for everything. And have faith in God that everything will turn out okay.”

Ronaldo is now waiting for restrictions of movement in Italy to be lifted, allowing him to rejoin the fold at Juventus and endeavour to get the 2019-20 campaign completed.