China sees decrease in new coronavirus cases; all new cases imported

Mainland China saw its daily list of new cases of coronavirus decrease, canceling four consecutive days of gains, while the capital Beijing has intensified its measures to contain the number of infections coming from abroad.

China has counted 39 new confirmed cases Sunday, the National Health Commission announced, against 46 the day before. All involved travelers from abroad, many of whom are Chinese students returning home.

The city of Beijing has extended its measures to contain imported infections, diverting all international flights arriving Monday to other airports in other cities, including Shanghai and west of Xian, where passengers will suffer a virus screening.

Beijing has reported 10 new imported cases, the National Health Commission said Monday, up from 13 the day before. Foreign infections in the city reached a historic high of 21 March 18.

Shanghai and Guangzhou also said that all arriving international passengers would be screened for coronavirus, expanding a program that previously only applied to those from severely affected countries.

Shanghai reported 10 new cases on Sunday, up from a record 14 the day before.

Guangdong Province has seen seven new imported infections, Fujian four and Jiangsu two. Hebei, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong and Sichuan each saw only one case, bringing the total number of cases imported to Chinato to date 314.

Mainland China has seen no new locally transmitted infections.

In Wuhan, the capital of central Hubei province, authorities have relaxed the stringent lockdown measures, as the epicenter of the epidemic in China saw no new infections for the fifth day.

Wuhan city center remains the only high-risk area in the province, with other cities and counties in Hubei now classified as low risk.

Wuhan went into virtual detention on January 23 to contain the spread of the virus to the rest of China.

According to authorities on Sunday, people can enter the city if they are certified healthy and free from fever.

Residents of Hubei who are in Wuhan can apply to leave the city, but they must pass a test for the virus and if they are certified healthy.

There is still no evidence that Wuhan residents may leave the city for non-essential reasons.

The cumulative total number of confirmed cases in mainland China on Sunday was 81,093.

The death toll from the epidemic in mainland China reached 3,270, up nine from the previous day.