Amrouche: Nyamweya not to blame for FKF troubles, Mwendwa is

The former Harambee Stars tactician insists the current regime should be held liable for their mistake in firing him

Adel Amrouche insists former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Sam Nyamweya is not to blame for the current woes at the federation.

The FKF has been ordered by Fifa to pay the Algerian Ksh 109m for wrongful dismissal.

The current regime headed by Nick Mwendwa has always blamed Nyamweya, stating he should be held responsible, however, the former Harambee Stars coach has made it clear why the current office should be blamed.

“This is the mess which [Mwendwa] should own up and stop blaming Nyamweya,” Amrouche told Goal on Monday.

“When I was banned by Confederation of African Football (Caf) Nyamweya called coach Bob Williamson and explained to him the situation.

“He made it clear that I am still the coach and when my suspension is over, I will resume my duties as Kenya coach.

“George Bwana was there as the witness; when Mwendwa came into the office, the former President explained the situation.

“I met Mwendwa when he took the office but it seems his mind was set on bringing in another coach.

“He never wanted to solve the situation, so why continue blaming the innocent?”

Amrouche insists he is settling for nothing less than the full amount due, since he was disrespected and nobody wanted to give him a listening ear.

“The federation is arrogant if they wanted this thing could not have reached hear, but they wanted to show me they know better,” he added.

“Now that Fifa has directed them on what to do, I am waiting for my money, nothing less.”

Efforts to reach FKF CEO Barry Otieno over the same proved futile as his phone went unanswered.