Fighting coronavirus in Iran: Artists call on the US to lift sanctions

Authorities in Iran are pointing the finger at US sanctions for hampering Tehran’s efforts to curb the coronavirus epidemic. These punitive measures limit banking activities, which in turn impose restrictions on the importation of certain goods, including medical supplies.Our Tehran correspondent Reza Sayah reports from the capital, where leading Iranian artists have joined a growing number of voices calling on the Trump administration to lift these sanctions.

Second, Gaza is one of the most densely populated and poorest places in the world. The Palestinian enclave has been under Israeli blockade for 13 years and is now preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic, which threatens its failing economy, its fragile health system and its population of two billion people. local residents sent us testimonials, expressing their fears and concerns. We listen to some of them.

Finally, in Lebanon, where most people are trapped inside, some are reduced to working remotely, while others are forced into unemployment. The country’s economic paralysis, which began long before the coronavirus pandemic, has worsened, putting people’s mental health to the test. Today, Lebanon’s only hotline for psychological support is inundated with calls. Zeina Antonios from FRANCE 24 and Leila Molana-Allenreport from Beirut.