Who Cursed Hiran?

People of Hiran are suffering as other regions in the country but they have an addition of poor leadership, luck of social service, floods and civil wars and many more. Lack of good leadership started in the days that Somalia practiced central government to appoint the governors and the mayors of the region by warlords, ignorant and self-interest practitioners who never work the common interest of the region. After the formation of Hirshabeelle State, the local residents of the region were expecting from the newly formed administration to make a great change in the areas of the social service, security and the leadership of the region. According to villagers nothing has changed but the situation worsened.

The elites of the region believe that the appointment of uneducated governors and mayors who have no capacity to lead but only increase corruption, administrative problem which can result in displacing hundreds of families in the city every single year. Floods are damaging the economic activities and raise humanitarian crises. all that problems are manageable and can be prevented before they occur.

the Somali shilling does not to work in the city and all economic activities depend on Electronic money(EVC). Anytime that Hormud telecommunication systems face problem, the business actives will be stuck in the region.

Corrupted administration results in lucking of any social service including building Public schools, roads and hospitals. The arrogant and ignorant appointed governors by the president of Hirshabelle State Mohamed Abdi Ware excises looting public properties including taxation revenues collected and other different sources such as, projects implemented by NGOs, subsides from the central government and grants from international non-profit organizations.

In addition, president Ware appoints new governor every six months and all his appointments used to be tax drives from Europe, warlords and farmer school gate keepers.

In this region, the corruption is normalized, though it is a common disease that suffers all over the country, the case of Hiiran is the worst. Civil wars and security threat is very high in the region and the roads linking to Mogadishu is closed because of security issues,
To shade a light on the region and its capital to the people who have no idea : Beled weyn is the capital city of Hiiran region. Hiiran is one of the eight regions that Somalia provinces consist of at the independence days in 1960. During British and Italian Somaliland’s protectorates unity. Hiran was also one of the eighteen regions Formed during Siyad Bare’s regime and currently the region is under the administration of Hirshabelle State.

Hirshabelle State founded in October 2016, hence Somalia decided to turn from centralized government to federal government constitutionally.

Hiiran occurs geographically at the center of Somalia and it has space approximately 90,000 kilometer square which bordered with the flowing regions respectively: Somali region of Ethiopia to the northwest, Galgaduud to the northeast, Bakol to the west and Middle Shebelle to the South.

Beled-weyn is locally known the green city. The center of the city Shebelle River passes in a snacking or zigzagging way which makes more attractive and beauty the look of town. Outside of the city there is eye couching sights because of chained mountains with many kind of trees. What you will wonder is the shape of the city’s neutrality as tourist visitors place.

Inside and outside of Beled-weyn city, there is a very large farms which are planted different products including fruits, vegetables, sorghum, and other different seeds but there is no efficient production of the farms because of many obstacles surrounding the farmers.
The obstacles they are facing include, floods, droughts, security, poor infrastructure, lack of knowledge, luck of government facilities and less technological progress which does not help to produce massive production.

Although all the obstacles mentioned above are in place, the farmers never disappointed to keep farming, producing and using all their attainable ability to satisfy the needs of the people. The products produced from the farms of the city or villages around the city is distributed to neighboring and other regions through trade which is source of income with the residents and the local government. The taxation from the vehicles and private business is another source of income of the city, because many lorries vehicles that carry goods use to pass in the city since it occurs the Centre of Somalia.

Another crucial point which is to be aware is that, parliament members who were elected from the Hiraan province, do not perform their role and duties which were been elected and their role of representation to the interest of the society who have been elected is a zero or below, almost all, ran for their self-interest and when the four years’ term end, they come back to the region to be elected back four more years paying bribes.

I recommend to the elites, elders and businessmen, educated men and women of the region and the society in large to change the habit of standing back, the line of leadership and they should come front and lead and guide the society, if they don’t do, the illiterate, ignorant, will lead them as usually and the city will sink each and every year.

The elders of the region should highly consider and give more attention to the person who will represent in Somali parliament and make sure if his/her representation meets the needs of the region instead of considering the little bribe they are paying.

Businessmen/women should understand that in any politics business people are the stakeholders in world historically and today’s world, they should influence the decision making table of appointment and should try to put on the chairs a young educated and energetic who is trustful and guide him behind the scene until they make sure the tax they pay is probably managed and correctly spending.

The youth and young generation should understand the importance of agriculture and should work directly and indirectly, accordingly if they follow such recommendation, the region will overcome and recover the years of destruction and mismanagement then, the road of development and prosperity will remain on truck.

Dhaqane Roble Halane

Economic research and bloger by profession