‘Nobody will contest Liverpool being handed title’ – Rosenthal sees Reds as champions

The ex-Anfield star believes the efforts of Jurgen Klopp’s side in 2019-20 mean they deserve the crown regardless of whether the season is finished.

Liverpool deserve to land the Premier League title this season regardless of whether the campaign is completed or not says Ronny Rosenthal, with the former Reds star claiming that nobody would “contest” Jurgen Klopp’s side being given the crown.

Liverpool are, with a 25-point lead established at the top of the table, just two wins away from securing a first top-flight triumph in 30 years. They are, however, being prevented from getting over the line by an indefinite lockdown of competitive action during the coronavirus outbreak.

It continues to be suggested that authorities around the world are eager to see 2019-20 fixture lists played to a finish, but there have also been admissions that efforts this term may be declared null and void.

Rosenthal hopes the latter of those two scenarios can be avoided, with a dominant force in English football deserving to see their record-setting achievements recognised with more tangible reward.

The former Reds star, who spent four years on Merseyside between 1990 and 1994, told the Liverpool Echo: “They’ve been amazing this season. They’ve been building to this for the last few years and they’ve now got all the qualities you need to be successful.

“They’ve got a very balanced side with players who can defend as well as attack and anyone from within their first 16 is capable of winning the game on any given day. Whether they stop the Premier League or not, for me Liverpool won the league.

“I don’t think anyone will contest it. My opinion is to wait and try and plan to finish the season whether that’s in one, two or three months or even cutting into the time when next season would have normally started. It might have to be behind closed doors or intensive like a tournament with two games every week to finish.”

Rosenthal formed part of the last Liverpool squad to taste title glory back in 1990 and admits few could have predicted at that stage that three decades would pass before another crown came into reach.

The Israeli added: “Of course there’s no way that we thought Liverpool would go another 30 years without winning the league. If you’d have suggested that at the time, people would have looked at you like you were from another planet.

“I think that Liverpool’s failings were down to a lot of developments within English football. The Premier League started and scouting systems became more advanced.

“Liverpool were known for always taking the most-talented players in the British Isles but talent alone is not enough now and all the players need to be athletes who can run as well but I think for a long time, Liverpool did not fully appreciate this.”