Reporting on Covid-19: A daily challenge for Egyptian journalists

In a number of countries in the Middle East, reporting on the coronavirus has become increasingly difficult, particularly in Egypt, where the infection rate continues to climb among the 100 million population. The country has also been criticized for intervening late and failing to impose sufficiently stringent measures to stop the spread of the virus. To learn more about the situation, we spoke to Egyptian journalist and author Khaled Diab.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, Hezbollah is trying to fight the spread of Covid-19, but opponents accuse the Shiite group of profiting from the crisis. Our correspondent Leila Molana-Allen reports.

And we are looking into finding a place to bury the victims of Iraq Covid-19. Many people fear that bodies will bring the virus to their area, a reaction that has caused anxiety to already grieving families. Derek Thomson from our Observers team takes a closer look.