Federal Government Equips De-Martini Hospital Assigned To Treat COVID-19 Cases

In response to the surge of Coronavirus cases overwhelming the capital, the federal government has equipped the De-Martini Hospital with the necessary medical equipment to treat and provide medical care for COVID-19 patients in Mogadishu. According to media reports, the hospital now has a ward within the ICU with capacity to treat up to 20 patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms. Additional medical staff have also been brought in, including ten medical doctors and ten nurses, who were transferred from the Digfer Hospital. The government further added that several senior medical advisors with experience in the management of transmittable and

respiratory diseases would also be attached to the facility soon to boost the capacity of the medical practitioners currently operating at the centre. The hospital, which was launched on 16 March 2020, has so far received a total of 218 patients, 21 of whom were hospitalised. Four of the patients later recovered, and as a result, were discharged from the facility. The federal government has further pledged to increase its efforts to boost the COVID-19 healthcare service delivery capacity and again urged the public to observe the health instructions on preventing the spread of the virus.