Kabwili: Yanga SC keeper not bothered by lack of playing time

The third-choice custodian says he will continue to fight for his place in the team and hopes that soon he will start playing

Young Africans (Yanga SC) third choice goalkeeper Ramadhani Kabwili has revealed a lack of playing time at the club does not disillusion him.

Kabwili is facing big challenges as far as goalkeeping is concerned from his two senior keepers – Metacha Mnata and Farouk Shikhalo – who usually rotate in the starting position, leaving Kabwili without any league match to play so far this season.

Commenting on the development recently, the former Serengeti Boys shot-stopper said after Yanga, he wants to cross the borders, saying no other team from the homeland attracts him.

“Let me be clear even when it happens that I leave Yanga today, I am not ready to play for any other team in the country because I have reached the highest level playing at a top club hence, I would rather cross the boundaries than remain here,” Kabwili is quoted by Daily News.

“I believe I have acquired a good CV which can help me to get a team outside the country. Even if I can stay for the whole season without getting a team, I am ready to wait until I find a club outside the country.”

He then said during the Mapinduzi Cup in Zanzibar, he managed to play all the games for Yanga and impressed the technical bench.

“When I play any game, I usually go and watch it on my own to see how I performed and improve on the areas which I underperformed so that I do not repeat the same mistakes next time,” Kabwili continued.

He, however, said since the league is not yet over, who knows, perhaps when the league resumes, he might play in the remaining matches for his team.

“The most important thing I do is to work hard during training sessions to convince the coach but in the end, he is the one with the final say. It is not a big deal for me not to play bearing in mind that even my colleagues, who get the chance to use it well for the purpose of driving the team forward.

“I just want to thank the leadership of Yanga for their trust in and the good things they have been doing to me since arriving at the club. I like the atmosphere and Yanga fans are always with me in happiness and difficult times,” Kabwili remarked.