Algeria allows more businesses to-reopen amid fears of Covid-19 endangering economy

Algeria has taken new steps to ease restrictions on the new coronavirus by allowing several companies to reopen “to reduce the economic and social impact of the health crisis” caused by the pandemic, the office of the Prime Minister said on Saturday .

He said stores should be reopened, including those for building materials and public works, household appliances, fabrics, jewelry, clothing and footwear, cosmetics and perfumes, home furniture and the office, pastries and hairdressers, in addition to urban taxi transportation.

The government decided on Thursday to ease containment measures by shortening the curfew for certain provinces, but called on citizens to be “vigilant”. This was done a few hours before the start of the holy Ramadan fasting month on Friday.

Algeria said restrictions on the new coronavirus have significantly affected the economy, which is under financial pressure due to a sharp drop in world oil prices.

The government has reported a total of 3,256 confirmed virus infections, with 419 deaths and 1,479 cures.