Coronavirus: Lugazi Municipal fans donate food to players after missing Fufa rations

The Buganda Regional side’s supporters took the initiative to help their footballers during the lockdown period

Lugazi Municipal FC fans and well-wishers have donated foodstuffs for the team which participates in the Buganda regional league.

The foodstuff, which includes rice, maize flour and beans, were distributed through the Buikwe District Covid-19 Task Force.

The club chairperson Abdul Kawuulu Mwanje, on behalf of the club faithful, handed over the food to the Buikwe Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Jane Frances Kagaayi alongside the LC5 chairperson Mathias Kigongo.

“Our players mostly survive on allowances and other contributions done mainly when the league is running,” Mwanje said as quoted by Kawowo Sports.

“As we all know there are no sports activities taking place worldwide, it’s obvious that they [players] must be doing not well financially, that’s why the fans have come out with a helping hand.”

The club will distribute the food to each player’s home subject to clearance by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC).

A player is supposed to get 5Kgs of rice and maize flour apiece and 4Kgs of beans.

“We have received this food from Lugazi Municipal FC fans with a request that it goes out to the players of the team,” one of the Task Force officials said.

” Buikwe District Covid-19 Task Force would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans of Lugazi Municipal FC for the tremendous support given to their players.”

Lugazi became the second regional club to donate food to the players after Bugiri De School did it earlier.

Fufa had donated foodstuff only to registered players in the top leagues isolating regional clubs in the process.

The nation-wide distribution of the rice to the players, through their respective clubs which include the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 16 Uganda Premier League clubs, the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 18 Fufa Big League clubs, the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the seven Fufa Women Super League clubs and the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 14 Fufa Women Elite League clubs was concluded last week.