Tshishimbi: Yanga SC skipper assures FC Lupopo’s Mpiana will join

The captain assures fans the forward is the type of striker they have been yearning for

Yanga SC captain Papy Tshishimbi has assured fans FC Saint-Éloi Lupopo striker Mpiana Mozizi has set his mind on joining the team.

Bitter rivals Simba SC have also been pushing for the services of the striker with the same intention of further sharpening their attacking front in preparations for next season’s continental assignments. However, the Wananchi skipper is confident the striker will join his team.

“[Mpiana] called me and we had a long discussion regarding the club,” Tshishimbi is quoted by Mwanaspoti.

“He has confirmed to me that he will join Yanga and not any other team and I believe it will happen. Mpiana is a top striker who is talented and a fighter on the pitch. The fans will enjoy his services especially on the attacking front.”

The 30-year-old has revealed the 27-time champions have struggled to get goals and it is a weakness that needs to be solved.

“I have been advising management on why we need to improve the attacking department; it is an open secret, we struggled a lot to convert the many chances we created and I believe Mpiana is the solution,” Tshishimbi added.

“We need three good finishers to avoid over-relying on one person to get goals. It is the reason why Simba performed well, they had four top strikers to use.”

Before the Congolese top-tier took a break owing to the coronavirus outbreak, Mpiana had managed to score 12 goals for Lupopo.