Kagere and Seif the hardest strikers to tackle – Ruvu Shooting’s Zahir

The defender picked the two forwards as players who require close surveillance any time they are on the pitch

Ruvu Shooting defender Rajab Zahir has revealed Meddie Kagere and Tariq Seif are the toughest opponents he has ever played against.

Kagere, who is Simba SC’s lead scorer with 19 goals, has been mentioned given his ability to trouble defenders, especially from aerial balls. 

“[Meddie] Kagere is a very disturbing forward and any moment you are playing with him, one has to keep close watch every second of the game and ensure he does not get aerial balls. He is very lethal when it comes to such balls,” Zahir told Mwanaspoti.

Zahir explains marking Yanga SC’s Seif requires constant alertness and if one fails in that aspect the forward has huge chances of scoring.

“Look at the kind of goals [Tariq] Seif scores, he is always finding the back of the net when his markers seem to have forgotten his presence on the pitch,” the Ruvu defender said about his Tanzanian compatriot.

“One also has to make sure Seif does not get huge spaces in front of the goal because that is what he likes and has scored a number of goals in that manner. He is an intelligent player who is always dangerous in front of goal.”

Seif has had little time to show his capabilities at Yanga due to competition from Ditram Nchimbi, Gnamien Yikpe and David Molinga, who have regularly been preferred in the starting XI.

Molinga, who could be on his way out of the Wananchi team, is Yanga’s lead scorer with eight goals.

Kagere, who is defending the Golden Boot award, is on course to retaining the gong given his closest rivals are eight goals behind him.

Yusuf Mhilu and Reliants Lusajo, of Kagera Sugar and Namungo FC, respectively, have found the back of the net 11 times.