South Korea says Kim Jong Un is not believed to have had surgery

South Korea’s assessment is that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has had no surgery, local newspaper Yonhap said, citing an unidentified senior official at the Presidential Blue House.

“There have been speculative rumors that President Kim has undergone surgery citing a difference in his walk,” said the official.

“We have reason to believe there was no surgery, but we cannot divulge these details.”

Kim’s health rumors are swirling since her not-to-be-seen no show at the April 15 celebrations for the birthday of her grandfather, the founder of the North – the most important day on the country’s political calendar.

His absence has sparked a series of feverish rumors and unconfirmed reports of his condition, while the United States and South Korea have insisted that they have no information to believe that any speculation has been made. true.

North Korean state television showed Kim walking, smiling widely and smoking a cigarette when the fertilizer factory opened on Friday.