Israel’s top court green lights Netanyahu-Gantz deal

On Wednesday, the Israeli Supreme Court approved a coalition agreement between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his former rival Benny Gantz.

The Israel Supreme Court made the announcement shortly after Netanyahu and Gantz announced that their new coalition government would be sworn in on May 13, ending the longest political crisis in Israel.

After battling three inconclusive elections, Netanyahu and Gantz announced their “emergency” government last month, saying they would put aside their rivalry to guide the country through the coronavirus crisis.

But critics and good government groups said their deal was illegal and challenged it in the Supreme Court. In particular, they opposed the creation of a new post of “deputy prime minister”, a post that will allow Netanyahu to remain in office throughout his corruption trial.

For two days this week, the court considered two questions: whether an accused politician can be allowed to form a new government and whether his power-sharing agreement – which includes new legislation – was legal.

In its decision, the panel of 11 judges rejected all the challenges.

The judges ruled that, although the coalition agreement presents significant legal difficulties, the court would not intervene in its content following the changes submitted by Netanyahu and Gantz.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and AP)