Italian hostage is released in Somalia

Silvia Constanca Romano, an Italian woman hostage in November 2018 from Kenya, was released.

The 23-year-old woman was held hostage in Somalia after the kidnappers arrived in southern Somalia.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti announced on his Twitter account that Silvia Constanca Romano was released and thanks the country’s intelligence agency.

No further details were given about the release process, and reports indicate that the operation was carried out by intelligence agents in Somalia, Italy and Turkey.

Some reports say the woman was rescued about 30 kilometers from Mogadishu, and it is not yet clear when the operation took place.

Italian media has also announced that Silvia Constanca Romano is currently in Mogadishu.

Some reports say suspected of being members of al-Shabaab have been taken hostage by kidnapped woman from Northeastern province.