China reports rise in Covid-19 cases and new cluster in northeastern city

On May 10, China reported 17 new cases of COVID-19 on the continent, falling one day earlier and marking the largest daily increase since April 28, highlighting the difficulty in eradicating the disease.

Although the new number of cases remains well below the peak of the February epidemic, the data highlights the persistent risks posed by COVID-19. With the pandemic spreading worldwide, Beijing continues to urge vigilance while trying to revive the economy.

Of the new cases reported on Sunday, seven were so-called imported cases in Inner Mongolia involving overseas travelers, compared to two reported the day before.

Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic in China, has reported five new cases of locally transmitted COVID-19, the highest since March 11. All were in the same residential complex in the city.

Northeast Jilin Province, which on Saturday reported a group of infections in one of its cities, has reported three new local cases. The neighboring provinces of Liaoning and Heilongjiang each reported a case, adding to concerns about a resurgence of the epidemic in the region.

The total number of people infected now stands at 82,918 and the number of dead has remained unchanged at 4,633.

The number of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases – infected but showing no symptoms – fell to 12 on May 10, compared to 20 reported the previous day.