A well respected immigration attorney in Minneapolis endorses Suud Olat for Minneapolis City Council Ward 6

America is shaped by individuals who take the initiative to serve others. Now, more than ever, we need city leaders with empathy and compassion to help our residents and small businesses get back on our feet. I trust Suud Olat to be the sort of leader we need.

He is a former refugee who lived in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps for more than 20 years before he came to the USA. While he was there, he worked to improve the lives of his fellow refugees. He volunteered with the humanitarian aid group Film Aid International — focusing on creating awareness of gender-based violence and encouraging parents to send their young daughters to school.

Suud continued his work as a community activist and humanitarian after he came to the United States. Shawn Phetteplace, the Regional Field Director for the ONE organization describes Suud as “one of our very best activists in the Midwest.” While he was working for ONE, Suud also endeavored to improve himself, earning a B.A. in International Relations at St. Cloud State University.

When I asked Suud how he plans to support small businesses in Ward 6, he said, “Women, people of color and indigenous people own many of the businesses in Ward 6. Equitable economic development and entrepreneurship is a critical component of my campaign.” He will work to ensure a thriving, safe, and livable neighborhood.

I support Suud Olat because he will strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the residents of Ward 6.

Please vote in Minnesota’s Special Election on August 11, 2020.