Reconstruction in Lebanon: “Back to Square?”

On the front page of the press, on Wednesday, May 13, the Lebanese government decided to reconfigure the country for four days, beginning tonight, following the increase in pollution that occurred with the closure. A situation that further fuels Lebanese anger, already hit by an unprecedented economic crisis.

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The fight against the epidemic has returned to the square? Orient Le Jour reports anger from the Lebanese who respected the restrictions of containment, then closure, before “indiscipline” and “” recklessness “, according to them, showed some of their compatriots.

The European Union is deconfiguring in a widespread order and must today present its plan to reopen borders – a crucial issue for tourism. According to a preparatory document, to which the British newspaper The Guardian has had access, the Commission could propose the opening of borders between European countries “with a similar risk profile” and where sanitary measures will be considered sufficient – that is the number of beds available in hospitals, tests or tracking devices.

Still in Europe, the Constitutional Court of Karlsruhe, Germany’s highest legal body, recently called the European Central Bank to order its program to repurchase public debt. A landmark decision aimed at asserting the superiority of German legislation over European law and which could jeopardize the economic reconstruction of the continent, according to former MP Daniel Cohn-Bendit. “If Europe collapses, it will be a German suicide,” he warns on the front page of the French daily Liberation, which for its part condemns “the sovereign scam” which he believes jeopardizes economic recovery at European level.

Finally a question: should we say “Covid-19 or” Covid? … According to Le Figaro, the French Academy, the temple for the good use of the French language, recommends applying the grammar rule according to which, for an acronym, the size of the main word is important. Covid is the abbreviation for “Corona Virus Disease”, and the main word is “disease”, so we should say “la” Covid-19, the word disease is female.