‘We’ve managed to keep Covid-19 under control in Tunisia,’ PM tells FRANCE 24

In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh spoke of his country’s management of the Covid-19 pandemic. He said he was confident about the gradual easing of the lock in progress but called on his fellow citizens to “remain vigilant”.

Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh hailed the management of the coronavirus pandemic in his country and was cautiously optimistic, saying the trend in the number of cases was encouraging. “The curve (Covid-19) is quite good,” he told FRANCE 24 in an exclusive interview, adding that no new cases of contamination had been recorded “in the past two days”.

Tunisia has imposed a strict and early foreclosure to fight the pandemic. The policy seems to have paid off: only 45 deaths have been officially registered, for 1,032 people infected.

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