Covid-19 challenges Africa for food security, FAO warns

Shortage, rising food prices, reduced imports or even transport problems … Coronavirus pandemic has an impact on global food systems. In Africa, by the end of 2019, 73 million people were already food insecure. A figure that could very well increase, warns FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Interview with Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Secretary-General of FAO, Head of Climate and Natural Resources.

In summary: in South Africa, containment revives homemade beer. To combat the spread of the virus, the government has banned all sales of alcohol. Since then, many have found cunning ways to continue consuming. Especially the home brew of beer, with ingredients like pineapple!

Finally, a relaxing discovery on Afrique Hebdo’s menu this week: Digui. A traditional African massage technique. Its designer, Renée Amy Béké, gives us her tips for making some gestures at home, thanks to her video study.