Covid-19 puts pressure on European agriculture (1/2)

The coronavirus epidemic and containment have had a huge impact on European agriculture. We offer a special program dedicated to this exceptional health crisis to better understand the challenges it poses to Europe and the CAP.

During the containment, the decline in international deliveries and the increased demand for large supermarkets prompted local producers to ensure that their shelves reach out.

We went to meet farmers, breeders, distributors and met European politicians to take a closer look at how agriculture played a key role during the crisis – and how it must evolve to meet the challenges of the future.

Our guests :

Phillipe Durchon, French Market Gardener, Chailly-En-Bière (Seine-et-Marne), France

Caroline Josse, Head of “Caroline’s Basket”, Chailly-En-Bière (Seine-et-Marne), France

Dacian Ciolos, Romanian Member of Parliament, Former Agriculture Commissioner, former Romanian Prime Minister and Chairman of the Group for Renew Europe in the European Parliament.


– In Normandy, Julie Dungelhoeff met dairy producers who saw increased demand thanks to consumers who chose the local.

– In Belgium, Alix Le Bourdon met with major producers of distressed potatoes: they had to find storage solutions for the masses of unsold potatoes.

A program presented by Caroline de Camaret.

Produced by Mathilde Bénézet, Isabelle Romero, Perrine Desplats and Luke Brown

Filmed by Stéphane Bodenne and Johan Bodin

Manufactured with the participation of the European Union.