No resumption of Serie A before June 14

The Italian Football Association has announced the suspension of its various competitions for another month.

Those who hoped to see the Italian championship will soon be disappointed. On Monday, the Italian Football Association said its various competitions will be stopped in about four weeks.

Suspended since the beginning of March, Series A can therefore not hope to leave before June 14. However, this announcement is not entirely negative. It also means that there is currently no question of permanently canceling the 2019/2020 championship. In addition, the law of the transalpine elite will have all the time needed to work physically and refine their preparation for a return to action.

Please note that Italian clubs this Monday are allowed to conduct their collective sessions normally, while following the health protocol that has been established.

In recent days, several players have tested positive for Covid-19 (especially in Parma), but they have been placed in isolation quickly and this has had no impact on the recovery program established by their employers.