the Cabinet decides to lift the ban on assembly in places of worship

On Monday, the Cabinet ordered the government to repeal the “general and absolute” ban on congregation in places of worship because of its “disproportionate nature”. This measure was implemented as part of the health condition against coronavirus pandemic.

The closure of church services in France is “disproportionate”, according to the Cabinet. On Monday, May 18, the French Supreme Court ordered the government to lift the “general and absolute” ban on assembly at places of worship, decided in the context of the state of health to face the Covid19 pandemic.

Reference from several associations and individual applicants, the highest administrative court found in a decision that the ban “seriously and obviously unlawfully violated” the freedom of worship and urged the government to lift it “within eight days”.

The ordinance, issued by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on May 11, as part of the closing in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, bans any gathering or meeting within worship facilities, except for funeral ceremonies, which are limited to twenty people. .

The decree must be changed

In its ruling issued on Monday, the judge notes in summary proceedings that “less stringent supervisory measures (…) are possible”, as well as “the tolerance for gatherings of less than 10 people in other places open to the public”, admitted in the same decree, reports the government in a press release.

It therefore considers that “the general and absolute prohibition is disproportionate” and “thus, taking into account the essential nature of this component of freedom of worship, is a serious and manifestly illegal interference with it”, stresses the Conseil d ‘State.

The Prime Minister must therefore amend his decree “by taking measures commensurate with the health risks that have arisen and are appropriate for the circumstances of the time and place applicable at the beginning of this” termination “, to oversee meetings and meetings of worship.

Part of the right is pleased

This decision is “good news for freedom of worship, which is a fundamental right,” tweeted Bruno Retailleau, chairman of the Les Républicains au Sénat group.

“Very pleased with the result of the interim release,” rejoiced the chairman of the Christian Democratic Party, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, who was one of the applicants. He then asked the government not to “play the clock for his execution”.

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