Genocide in Rwanda: Félicien Kabuga in front of Parliament’s prosecutor’s office

Félicien Kabuga, financier and alleged sponsor of the Rwanda genocide, was presented to the Prosecutor’s Office in Paris. He had been arrested three days ago in the suburbs of Paris. This appearance is the first step before the procedure begins and the debates on its return to the hands of international justice.

Human Rights Watch condemns violence in DR Congo against members of the Bundu dia Congo. According to the NGO, 55 people were killed between April 13 and 24 in the police crackdown on this political-religious movement. In this edition the comments from the director responsible for Central Africa.

Arm wrestling between Paris and Antananarivo. Madagascar opposes the French project for a nature reserve on scattered islands. The French ambassador was called by the Malagasy Foreign Minister. Details from our correspondent, Gaëlle Borgia.