Haaland on Juve, Raiola reveals why things went wrong

The Italian-Dutch agent tells of the failure to transfer the young Norwegian child to Juve.

Few people could have predicted how Erling Haaland’s career would have continued if he joined a major European club in January, and Juventus leaders were skeptical, as the player’s agent revealed that Serie A champions A were not convinced that he was ready for the challenge .

Germany requires wage capacity in Europe

The Old Lady, along with Manchester United, were part of clubs keen to offer the goalie who finally moved to Borussia Dortmund, where he has excelled since January and scored 13 goals in just 12 appearances.

Haaland’s agent, Mino Raiola, told us La Reppublica Juventus was about to sign the 19-year-old, but the Italians wanted to place him in his U23 team rather than in the first team. In addition, Raiola mentioned that his client was behind Gonzalo Higuain in the hierarchical order of coach Maurizio Sarri.

As a result, Haaland and Raiola chose Dortmund’s offer instead, where he became one of the most sought after young players in Europe due to his dazzling debut in the Bundesliga.