In Argentina, the cases of Covid-19 explode in the slum “Villa 31”

Argentina had until then managed to contain the coronavirus pandemic thanks to very strict containment. But the situation is now going out of government control in the huge slum Villa 31 in the center of Buenos Aires.

In the huge slum Villa 31 in Buenos Aires, cases of Covid-19 explode, according to a medical team. “In one week we went from 0 to 200 cases, we are observing a significant increase and there are now 800 cases. And that will continue,” explains France 24, doctor Gabriel Sanchez.

Argentina was previously relatively obscured thanks to very strict containment. However, in this district, the disease develops due to the high population density and problems with water distribution. Residents also have to go out to feed their families, despite mandatory containment.

And poverty makes their situation worse. The number of people using soup kitchens has doubled, organizers say. The latter are also at the forefront of the pandemic: in “Villa 31” at least three of them died of Covid-19.

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